The Emory Equestrian Alumni Association was founded in the spring of 2017 in order to create an everlasting community of Emory riders. Since the team’s creation, our riders have continuously shown a strong passion and commitment to sportsmanship, community service, the team, and of course, horses! Year after year, Emory riders have excelled in both the arena and in academics. As our riders continue to move forward from their undergraduate experience, we want to acknowledge the commitment that they have given to us through this Association. The Emory Equestrian Alumni Association has three primary goals. The first goal is to keep connected with our alumni. We are proud of every rider that has been part of Emory Equestrian—we want to keep alumni members updated on the current team’s successes through newsletters as well as be updated on our alumni successes in post-undergraduate life. Our second goal of this Association is to provide scholarships funded by alumni members to our riders, whether they be need-based or merit. Riding is an expensive sport, and we want to provide the opportunity to ride to those who have trouble affording it.  Our final goal is to create a strong sense of community between all generations of riders and forge strong bonds between current and past riders. Whether it be a current rider wanting to ask questions to an alumni rider about veterinary school or an alumni rider in need of company when visiting the Atlanta area, we want all our riders to support one other in all of life’s endeavors! We thank you for contributing to Emory Equestrian, and we look forward to keeping in touch!

Check back soon for more information about alumni sponsorship opportunities! 

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